Starting my work life in Seats2meet

Blog written by: Marina Borges

Hi everyone! I’m Marina. I am from brazil, 15 years old and I came here to understand a little bit more about the whole idea Seats2meet wants to transmit. To be honest I don’t really know how I ended up here. My dear father visited S2M during the global meetup and next thing I knew is that I was going to spend my winter break – winter in Brazil is in July – in the Netherlands. So here I am.

I arrived here Friday morning – July 8th. I spent the weekend in Rotterdam with my aunt and now I am staying in Utrecht with the most lovely couple. My first day in S2M and I was feeling different already. People here have such an incredibly capacity to think. Think in the future and how people can handle the ability to share nowadays.

They look always forward to share what they have and use what other have to offer them. Your own values are essential in here. While I was taking pictures of the place – I am managing the S2M Instagram account, since I am a fan of photography – I could see and feel a very cosy space. People enjoying there time working together. By that I mean, at the same place with each other’s company, little chats now and then always help.

Today I am in Amersfoort Central Station. Also a very comfortable place with small meetings going on. We met a kind woman that works in S2M locations for 5 years already. 3 of them in Amersfoort. She heard about S2M from a friend and got interested in the concept, since that she has been coming twice a week with her work material and stays during the day.

She also said that one of the best parts is lunch time. Not because of the food. But because everybody is eating together and interacting. In that way she gets to know everyone better and increases her wisdom in work and specially in life. She refers to Seats2meet Amersfoort as her second workplace.

Look below to see some of the pictures I have been posting in the Instagram account. 🙂

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cosy space here at S2M!!

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