Mr Robot and what it has to do with Society 3.0


Have you watched Mr Robot? The show has everything to do with S2M and society 3.0. No, we do not have bipolar disorder. Or use drugs for that matter. The similarity lays on the will to change a no longer working system.

The story is about a programmer who is dissatisfied and uses his skills to change the world. By the way, his name is Elliot. The way he does it is also a little bit more radical than what we do it. The thing is the goal is the same. Change a system who is controlled by a few and for a wrong idea of scarcity. I say idea because when you look around there is so much already and truth is we don’t need more. Most of all we need a new of way of using it.

We defend the idea of not owning something. What we defend is having access of it. Look of the great companies who have been growing in the last decade: Spotify, Netflix, Airbnb. You can see that by using them you don’t have to own CDs, DVDs, apartments or even files for that matter. You just have to access them.

What we see in the future and is the similar in the Mr. Robot’s revolution, is that we want the mass giving to the mass. Not 0.5% owning the resources that the left 99.5% needs. What Ronald, the writer of Society 3.0, says is that if we put all of our resources together, excluding the big corporations, we will end up with the biggest company of all times. Consequently we will have more houses than housing companies and even more knowledge than google.

If you start to buy food from local farmers there are more chances you will buy quality food, due the large amount of agro-toxics the big farms have to use to protect their own plantations. At the same time you will probably help the economy in the place you live, making it more sustainable in different levels. That is what Mr Robot and Seats2meet are both trying to make you pay attention to.

In conclusion, you don’t have to take the internet down in the whole world to start it from scratch. All you have to do is make little changes on your own choices. Instead of destroying and running over the system, ignore it, wave at it and just take the alternative route. Is by taking this kind of actions that we do a revolution. Shall we start?

By the way, Mr Robot’s season 1 is over and the second season has just started.