Find the right place at the right time.


Share the most beautiful spots, locations and hidden gardens with your friends.

Do you know those lists somewhere deep down the hard drive of your phone with titles like ‘Paris’ or ‘Amsterdam’ filled with some hotspots provided by that friend that spent a summer there? Ever made a promise when someone asked you for a list of places one should visit, when traveling to a destination you’ve been before? Ever scrolled for hours on an Instagram timeline trying to find that one nice coffee place your friend posted the other day?


Pionear is a new tool that allows you to easily save your favourite spots, and share these with your friends. An interactive map shows you what’s going on in your area, and the camera button allows you to save and share your discoveries. Pionear uses image recognition to categorise all uploaded photos, and lets you filter the images on the map to meet your wishes at that moment. Besides these categories Pionear allows you to follow the people you like and the brands you love.

“When Googling a city online, looking for a nice restaurant or place to go I often see outdated pictures and average ratings, or the ads from the one brand that was willing to pay the most. This, more often than not, doesn’t represent what is actually going on when I’ll be there. Pionear is always up to date because it uses real-time data. It allows you to make better decisions.” – Yannick Gregoire

Social Change

But there is more when it comes to why we created Pionear. Around us, we see a lot of people hypnotised by their smartphone screens. The apps we currently use stimulate this. They need to make more revenue through the advertisement that pays their bills.

“We wanted to create an app that makes life easier and more pleasant. A lot of social media are like rabbit holes from which you won’t reappear for an hour once you’ve entered them. Because we use real-time data we want people to put down their phone as soon as possible, since everything you see can be over quite soon. This way Pionear can be a tool that helps you get more out of your day.” – Florian Geerken

Pionear was made to save you time instead of taking it from you. The app makes it possible to share and find locations, see what is going on around you and helps you find those special things you are looking for when visiting a city. Not to show how cool your life is, but to actually make it even more awesome.

Pionear is available on the iOS App Store.

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