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Do you want to share a farm for rural coliving?

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4 – 11 June 2017 is the week to celebrate the sharing economy during Global Sharingweek. So far we share cars tools, meals and knowledge. Eline van de Veen suggests that vacant farms can get a new residential workplace. Many people would like to live small, sustainable, living outdoors, work and even grow old, but do not know how to realize it. Sharing together can solve rural vacancy. She calls everyone to announce his dream for a shared farmyard, in order to join forces.

Growing problem

There is an abundance of vacant farms in Holland. It’s a fast growing problem. By 2030, 15 million square meters of Dutch agricultural real estate is empty. It’s as big as 2100 football fields. The expected vacancy rate of Dutch farms exceeds those of offices or stores. Alterra researcher Edo Gies conducted research (2014) to release agricultural development: “In order to prevent rural depopulation, re-destination is of great importance.”

Dreams solving problems

A shared plot is one of the possibilities for former farms to keep the rural area alive. The need for rest and social housing increases. An initiator of Erfdelen at Deventer received hundreds of responses after a call for some fellow residents.  Eline van de Veen encourages everyone to make their wishes known on this special international webpage. Share your dream for a shared farmyard. This way new initiative groups can be developed, which together develop an estate.

Now municipalities and promoters are still struggling to make this possible. With the implementation of the new Dutch environmental law, there will be more space for initiatives from society.

Global Sharing Week

is an annual international part-session. Through local events, millions of people discover the sharing economy. The real sharing economy is a socio-economic movement that puts people and planet ahead, by increasing access to resources and knowledge. Created by The People Who Share. Global Sharing Week emphasizes the importance of community, cooperative companies, commons-based projects and building a healthy, sustainable society based on parts. Since its inception in 2012, it has reached over 100 million people worldwide, with more than 220 registered events in all continents.

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