The Dutch Sharing Economy Landscape


The sharing economy is growing. When looking at the number of sharing economy platforms active on the Dutch market, the counter surpasses the 100-mark easily. To provide customers a clear market overview, I launched the Dutch platform ‘Sharing Economy in the Netherlands‘ in 2016. Meanwhile, almost all platforms active in the Netherlands do have a profile.

However all platforms were represented with a profile on our site, a clear overview in terms of an infographic still lacked. To provide a proper impression of the sharing economy market in the Netherlands, I launched the infographic bellow, showing all platforms divided in 10 categories, today. Everything as clear as possible.

dutch sharing economy landscape

Highres download link

Dutch version

Question of definition:

However the sharing economy is the most frequently used name for this development, I also see a rise in the the terms ‘collaborative economy’ and ‘(peer2peer) platform economy’. The core of these developments is that individuals find each other through platforms in order to make transactions. In this infographic I’ll be using both sharing economy (things) and ‘gig economy’ (labour/tasks/services). To keep this infographic accessible for the reader, I decided to use sharing economy as an all encompassing term, knowing it might not be the ideal terminology, although it’s most recognizable.