Living the location-independent-lifestyle



What is it with this holiday feeling we all want to grab so desperately and don’t want to lose it during the whole year? Especially during those dark, cold days we (or am I just talking alone?) are looking sooooo forward to the spring coming through.

But did you know that not only the weather is giving you a holiday feeling. Once, I read a research about the magic feeling we have during holidays. It turned out, it has nothing to do with the sun! It’s about your daily routine. On holiday you are changing this daily routine massively. You meet new people, you discover new places, you try new things; you go on an adventure!

So. Why not living this lifestyle during your daily life?


Just by changing a few things…
1. Try a different breakfast (every morning)
2. Bring your work to different locations
3. Meet new people (every day)
4. Co-create with different disciplines
5. Be more outside
6. Do less stuff, and feel productive doing 1 big task a day
7. Chill out
8. Listen to different music (try this amazing playlist)

Which platforms will help you living this lifestyle?; To try different, local food and share your own food as well
Seats2meet for Locals; To work at different and cool places
Coolworkspaces; To find even more spaces to work & meet (also international)
Airbnb & Couchsurfing; To sleep at different places
Coliving places; live & work together
Seats2meet for Silence; Work in nature and sleep at unique spots
Snappcar; To drive in an amazing new vehicle

5 City’s you can go to, to work at cool places:

S2M for Locals: Daaro Rotterdam

S2M for locals: House with a view

S2M for Locals: On top of Utrecht

S2M for Locals: De vrijheid van de keukentafel

S2M for Locals: Koedie

Pictures taken at S2M for Locals locations (how cool!).

So, what are you waiting for? I am packing my backpack to get on this adventure.
Let’s go! Freedom has been there waiting for you! (It’s all about our mindset)