How a Dutch-Czech start-up is fighting plastic bottle pollution


When Radek and I traveled through South-East Asia we got the idea of a brand-new water filter that would effectively fight plastic bottle pollution. After 12 months of testing in the lab and field, and 5 prototypes later, we are finally introducing the first universal and portable water filter for travelers. Our mission is to help travelers save money on bottled water and prevent plastic pollution all over the world.

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During our trip to Asia, we encountered first-hand the effects of plastic bottle pollution. We started to dig deeper into this issue and learned that there are 1 million plastic bottles sold every minute. PET bottles are everywhere – washed up on beaches, or hidden in the deepest parts of nature. That’s when we realized that there isn’t an easy-to-use, portable water filter for travelers, that provides a solid alternative to bottled water.

The Flo-Bro One water filter is compact and intuitive. We combined our experience in business and membrane engineering to create a small-sized and lightweight device that can be carried in every bag.  

During the development stage, we focused on a universal design, which allows travelers to use the water filter indoors, as well as outdoors. This means that water can be filtered from any freshwater source: a sketchy tap, shower hose, river, lake, or stream.  

The core benefit of Flo-Bro One is the membrane testing & flushing technology. It makes expensive replaceable cartridges obsolete and makes the water filter fully reusable in the long-term.

At Flo-Bro we believe that simple and durably designed products are the core of sustainable development. That vision led us to the creation of a simple cleaning procedure, which enhances the lifetime of the filter. This eliminates the need for expensive and often polluting, replacement cartridges” Radek Oborný (Co-Founder) comments on the water filter’s lifetime and durability.

In June 2017, our idea won the first prize in a start-up competition, for having the most innovative and promising idea. We used the main financial prize to give a boost to the development of Flo-Bro One. Thanks to this, we are now ready to bring the finalized product to the whole world.

From the 7th of November, the Flo-Bro One water filter is available to everyone at a discounted price on our Kickstarter campaign. Support us in making safe drinking water more accessible worldwide!

Robin Rijnbeek, Co-Founder