2018 Revealed


It’s going to be a cozy, loving year and there are two words that define the light energy of 2018: LOVE AND SELF WORTH.


2018 is a number 2 year.

(2+0+1+8 = 11 = 1+1 = 2) This is the overall number energy that affects everyone and will have an impact on your life and on the world. 2017 was a number 1 year and the start of a new 9-year cycle. It was a year of new beginnings and a year of change at all levels – personal, national and international. A year of tumult.


2018 is a year of love – self-love and romantic love. For your life, 2018 has the energy of respecting and loving yourself; and remembering that you are important and significant. It is a year of keeping your sense of self in all of your relationships; and developing your self-worth.

2018 impacts your closest love relationship. If you are looking for a partner, 2018 encourages you to reach out and take a risk on love. If you are already in a loving relationship, 2018 is the year to deepen that love and take it to a more meaningful place.


In 2018 the energy on the planet is supporting you as you transform your personal energy from a sense of unworthiness to a feeling of being worthy. A deep knowledge and certainty about your place in the world.

2018 is a year of love, of self-love first and then romantic love next.

The light expanding belief attached to the energy of 2018 is:

I know who I am, I am important and significant and I choose to feel valued

Because we live on a planet of contrast and duality, there is also a dark limiting belief attached to the energy of 2018. Don’t let yourself be drawn into:

I believe that I don’t matter and I am unworthy

Choosing to believe that you are important and significant and choosing to feel valued, will be transformational for you and also for the planet’s energy. This choice will facilitate the collective shift from ‘unworthy’ to ‘worthy’. “In every moment of every day in every situation, you are faced with choices. All of these choices have an outcome or behavior.” Seth.


The trigrams of the Tao are basic building blocks of creation that depict natural energy. Trigrams provide clues to the fundamental energy of each year.

There are eight trigrams of the Tao and these are Heaven and Earth, Fire and Water, Lake and Thunder, Wind and Mountain. Together the eight trigrams combine to form the yin-yang and tai chi. The trigram for 2018: Earth.

On the light side, earth energy is life-giving and nourishing.


On the dark side, earth energy absorbs too much and can’t replenish itself.

When you embody the light side of the earth trigram – being nourishing to yourself and to others – you align your energy with the light energy on the planet in 2018. When you collapse into the dark side of the earth trigram – you forget to nourish yourself, you absorb too much and neglect to replenish yourself.

In 2018 we will all be faced with this choice – to bring the light energy of earth into our lives or allow the dark energy of the earth to overwhelm us. We will be faced with this choice with ourselves and our self-love and in our most intimate relationships.


There are light and dark energy in every year and whether you tap into the light expanding energy or the dark collapsed energy is your choice.

“One choice of positive behavior, of loving actions, has an enormous impact on all.” Seth

Here’s how you can make 2018 your best year and bring love into your life

  • Respect and love yourself – remember you are important and significant.
  • Create meaningful relationships with those who respect you.
  • Give and receive love easily while keeping your sense of self.
  • Choose to feel worthy and make self-love a priority.
  • Take care of yourself. Indulge in self-love, pamper yourself and make other healthy choices that help you to feel loved.
  • Stay reliable, centered and receptive.
  • Interact with others often while keeping a strong sense of self.
  • If you are in a close romantic relationship, choose to deepen this and take it to the next level.
  • If you are looking for a close romantic relationship, feel confident and worthy and take a risk on love.

Here are the challenges for you in 2018, this is what you need to avoid and choose away from:

  • Don’t indulge in gloominess and feeling unhappy.
  • Catch yourself when you are having negative feelings directed at yourself.
  • Remember that you are whole – you don’t need anyone else to ‘complete’ you.
  • Be careful not to lose yourself to others – especially in your closest relationships.
  • Remember that your life is important, you are important.
  • Never believe that you don’t matter and are unworthy; 2018 is the year to believe in yourself and to believe in love.

“It is not that it is difficult to choose but rather that you have not been aware that your behaviour is a choice. So many respond to life without knowing that they are choosing, deliberately choosing, their thoughts, feelings and outcomes. There is an acceptance of negative and withholding behaviour and a sense that they happened without personal participation.”



Focus on the health of your heart and your blood in 2018. Heart health is impacted by diet, exercise, stress, and weight. This year, take care of your blood with regular check-ups for blood pressure and blood analysis. Remember to make personal care a priority in 2018. It is a year of self-love.

Make time for luxuries, For visits to the spa and indulgences that make you feel great and loved.


  • Colour: Pink is the color for 2018. Pink represents all forms of love, facilitates compassion and tolerance and provides a connection to earth energy. Wear pink or use it in your home furnishings such as your towels or sheets.
  • Gemstone: Rose quartz is the gemstone for 2018. Rose quartz stimulates unconditional love and heals emotional wounds. Place two pieces of tumbled rose quartz in your pocket or purse to bring this energy everywhere you go.

Essential Oil: Juniper Berry is the essential oil for 2018. Juniper berry enhances love of self and positive interactions with others. A few drops of juniper berry essential oil in a spritzer bottle with water can be sprayed around your space at home or at work.

Animal: Ox or buffalo is the animal energy in 2018. They are powerful, protective, determined and resolute. They value commitment and have an air of nobility. Bring ox and buffalo energy into your life with images or statues.


Make these adjustments to your space to create a home that nourishes and supports you in 2018. Where the energy works for you rather than against you.

  • De-clutter your books and music collections. Only keep the books and music that you love and make you feel good about yourself. Make sure that the nightstands and lamps on either side of your bed are the same. This will attract and ensure balance in your closest relationship.
  • Introduce two pink candles into your bedroom. Place them close together and safely light them often.
  • Decorate with soft, plush, cozy textiles.
  • Remove all dead/dried flowers and plants from your home, including potpourri.
  • Hang a wind chime outside the front door to attract energy into your space.
  • Feng Shui your space to create a beautiful, loving, caring environment.


After the fire energy of 2017, which represented all kinds of chaos and change, the earth energy of 2018 is a welcome relief. Your work in 2018 is to be aware of your self-worth, to focus on what makes you feel good and to take a chance on love without losing yourself in your relationships.

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