Building the Mesh: Connecting People Places Talent and Skill to Optimize Opportunity & Learning…


How I became the Ambassador for S2M Canada…

Or my quest for “Fitting Knowledge Innovation Zones ” ….
A former Executive Search & Talent Specialist turned IT Systems Manager & IT Project Coordinator for ERP systems, especially in Logistics/Supply Chain management, I have pondered for a long time how to optimize, what I then called the “Talent Supply Chain”. Admittedly, a very transactional term, for a field supposed to deal with Talent, Passion, Individuality and Opportunity.

My deep dissatisfaction with the way we looked at Talent, –  the individual – , – judged potential and structured the Transactional Recruitment Process, has led me on a path and a journey, which eventually after many twists and turns brought me to S2M.

Screen Shot 2013-11-03 at 8.16.22 AMMy quest for “competence platforms”, which would allow the 90% of the self to thrive and express itself, the part which is essential in triggering innovation, development and growth spans over a decade. Along the way I have looked at new forms of representing the self , moving away from the Linear Resume approach, outside of the potential curbing educational or institutional credentialing approach, to places where Talent Opportunity and Skill, could mix and mingle more freely to express .themselves, collide coalesce and re-aggregate in new arrangement and new spaces.This is how I came to search for ideal “spaces or places”.

This is how I came to search for ideal “spaces or places”, “Fitting Knowledge Innovation Zones” as breeding spaces for Talent & Opportunity, New Learning and New Skill.  I wondered ” Why people were not able to see Talent Skill and Innovation even and especially when it is breeding in abundance right in front of their eyes?”

I asked myself what would be needed for people to harness talent in “So you think you can recruit” , basically, all my questing was looking at mindset barriers until I looked at spatial configurations and context which would leverage opportunity.

My quest for a way to showcase skill, talent and match it to opportunity became proverbial, and I felt that mobility and motion had essential parts to play in this search. So I kept looking at migration and professional mobility across life spans and places – advocated for working beyond borders, building shaping and fostering a boundless workforce.

I am still doing this with special interest in “diversity, innovation and learning environments.” Today , I embrace natural pathways and emulation of the natural world as tools on a systems and individual level. I apply my reframing skill, business skill and acumen , across barriers, mindsets and boundaries. I am looking to be an active part in the dynamic shift bridging old and new, spearheading together with the S2M Community a natural path to growth.

In August 2015 I read a post by Ilkka Kakken about “competence platforms, and reached out to him, to discuss what it meant for him”. He immediately connected with me, and in a long skype call between Manitoba and a small place in rural Finland, we found that we had the same vision and experience in what was necessary to build competence platforms. He came from a Science park and innovation perspective and I came from a  Talent Search and Acquisition perspective with a focus on people excellence and breeding R&D Teams.

Both of us were searching for better tools and answers, in our mutual quest of how to best ‘unleash the hidden human potential’ necessary to tackle the pressing issues of our times.”

It was Ilkka who introduced me to  S2M as one of the most promising initiatives he had encountered, open to his pet subject of “Serendipity”. I reached out the Marielle and seeing my eagerness and enthusiasm she told me that they S2M was thinking of developing an Ambassador program, and in quick call with Vincent, we then started to see the beginning of a movement which hopefully will launch S2M rapidly across the globe in an organic spread of naturally grown mini ecosystems which interconnect and interdepend to build the a “Worldcentric S2M Mesh”. Well done S2M community…looking forward to building a feasible future together with you!

“Let’s Build the Mesh Together!”

Kai world centric Earthsavvy S2M Ambassador in a place on Earth called Canada