A hotel is not only your overnight stay? Opening of a new powered by Seats2meet location


Book your seat at Radisson Blu Palace Hotel, Noordwijk:  https://www.seats2meet.com/nl/locations/1305/Radisson-Blu-Palace-Hotel

Recently Radisson Blu Palace Hotel in Noordwijk opened its doors to Seats2meet visitors becoming a new powered by Seats2meet location. Now you can enjoy comfortable environment of the the beautiful hotel lobby while co-working, having meetings and connecting with people. 

Radisson Blu Palace Hotel is the first location in Noordwijk that has joined Seats2Meet network. André Aaij, General Manager of the Radisson Blu, notes: “I see an opportunity for entrepreneurs who work at various locations to join us in the recently opened Dunes Lounge & Bar, to experience our hospitality and make use of the in-house knowledge. The facilities such as fast, free WIFI, the best coffee in the neighbourhood and easy parking make the hotel an ideal location to work. We are proud that Seats2Meet endorses it by including us in their valuable network.”

28th of February 2019 our Seats2meet team visited Radisson Blue Palace Hotel to get to know a little bit more about a new member of Seats2meet network, and left deeply impressed. Here is why.

First of all, the name speaks for itself. Radisson Blu Palace hotel, Noordwijk Aan Zee offers truly luxurious facilities. Its bright and spacious lobby, which is now available for co-working, is equipped with soft comforting sofas and features exclusive design making the whole atmosphere very inspiring. Who said that computer work is to be performed within the boring and monotonous walls of a cramped office, when you have… a hotel lounge? It is a genuine pleasure to be surrounded by such a schick atmosphere enjoying a great service along.

Most of us are probably used to having a cup of coffee while working on a project or meeting with a friend or a business partner. Caffein indeed helps your productivity and focus, however how about refreshing yourself with a pineapple smoothie or a water mellon juice (see the first photo above) freshly made specially for you at the hotel bar?

While spending a productive working morning in the Radisson Blu lounge, Seats2meet team enjoyed some really sophisticated drinks made on personal request by a hotel chef, which we found indeed remarkable. (Don’t worry, regular capuchinos are still there in the menu for you!)

Last but not least, is of course a unique location. Radisson Blue Noordwijk is situated on the coast of the sea with just a 2 minute walk from a beautiful sandy beach reminding us of those scenes from the “Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door” movie…

Computer work can be extremely intense and tiring for your eyes, mind and body. Honestly, we could not think of a better and healthier break than a walk along the sea shore while listening to the calming sound of waves and breathing the fresh sea air.

And just imagine, how it is going to look like with just a bit of sun!..

See you soon in Noordwijk! 😉

Book your seat at Radisson Blu Palace Hotel, Noordwijk here: https://www.seats2meet.com/nl/locations/1305/Radisson-Blu-Palace-Hotel


All photographs: Maria Averina