7 Places which got creative to attract people


Attracting people somewhere is no easy task. Even in places like Amsterdam, although it is ALWAYS full of tourists, there are always places that are empty and other that have one hours waiting. What is the trick of those places that are always full? Well, there is marketing and a hype that goes around it. Make the king go once to eat your apple pie and there you have it. A place that is always full.

Some places don’t have a lot of money for marketing or for some reason the king just didn’t go there, so they get creative. See a list of places who got very creative when it comes to attracting people.

  1. Hawaiian Lions

If there is one thing we learned from the internet is that people love cats. This shelter in Hawaii went extreme and filled the place with 500 cats. There they walk free, there are no cages and people can visit from 10am to 3pm. The result? People go there from all over the world to be surrounded by the cats. They can adopt any cat or sponsor one of them. I am buying my ticket right now! A similar place is Cat Café Nekorobi in Japan, where you can go to sip a tea and cuddle kittens at the same time.

2. Huge Café

The cafe/lab from the creative agency huge bought pokemon incenses so the people who are there can catch em all without moving. As we can see with a lot of examples pokemons do, indeed, creates a traction of people. Until this cafe place bought incenses, people weren’t really diggin it. But those guys knew how to take advantage of the game.

3. De Kas

A greenhouse in Amsterdam was scheduled to be demolished, instead a michelin star chef saves it. What is it right now? The freshest restaurant in town. The differential in that restaurant is that every dish is made with ingredients that were collected that same day in the their own farm, next to the restaurant. As Beyonce would say, fresher than you.

4. Het Arrestuhuis

Another dutch place that used a building without use to a totally different purpose. The hotel in Roermond is located in a old prison and transformed all the 150 cells in room for guests that are going to the town or are curious to stay in a hotel. It worked both as a reuse of a place and as a marketing strategy.

5. Ristorante Grotta Palazzese

If we take advantage of the structures that we already have and don’t use anymore, why not take advantage of the nature as well? This restaurant in Puglia, Italy used a cave as its space. Now peple can sit in a table, inside a cave and have diner there. The restaurant got it the news worldwide when it opened.

6. Ice hotel

You might remember this one from the James Bond movie “Die another day”, where he goes to a hotel entirely made of ice. This hotel exists and you can book it right now. People go there not only because of the ice, but James Bond also helped it a lot.

7. Airbnbs rooms

There are a lot of airbnb rooms that take advantage of their out of route location, architecture or themes. Airbnb did this top 40 places wishlist where you can stay in a Downton Abbey country house style in the country side of England, inside the watch tower of the St. Pancras station, a seashell house in Mexico, a container home in Spain or an astronomic hotel in Chile.

In the end there are people who do the extraordinary to attract a lot of people to their place, but there are some other who just use what is in their reach and that can be extraordinary too. Take a detail and make a twist!