6 do’s and don’ts when connecting to the coworking movement

Are you already aware of the strength of the coworking movement and want to connect your organization/location to this energy field? It’s easy like I wrote earlier in this blog post about the trend we see. And here some do’s and don’ts for you 🙂

1. Don’t be afraid!!
Probably it’s new for you to do it in the Seats2meet style. And we all know that new things can be scary. But you’re not alone and you have nothing to lose by asking help in the S2M ecosystem. The worst thing that can happen is you get a no and what I like about no’s is that they are never definitive.

2. Expect Social Capital in a indirect way
Social Capital is based on A-synchrone reciprocity. You have to trust that you will receive when you start with giving. To make this trust part easier: it’s a law of nature, when you give you’ll receive. The more you give, the more you receive. But you don’t know when, where, from who and how much. Give your abundance, then there is no lost at all.

3. Keep the community open
The strength of the coworking movement is diversity. Like an ecosystem in nature, a community like this needs new resources: people, knowledge, events and other activities, etc.

4. Don’t ask money for a coworking seat
If you ask coworkers to pay money, you can’t ask them to pay in social capital as well. If they pay with money, it means they don’t have to be open to meet you and the others. It kills the diversity and immediately the ecosytem.
Note: that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t make money. You need it to stay alive and keep the ecosystem going. Create a business model with both social and monetary capital.

Now here is the biggest tip of the day.

5. Don’t. Only. Facilitate.
Showing your hospitality is good, but you have to connect yourself too. Otherwise you’re still not connected to that movement and taking part in that ecosystem. And you won’t receive your added value.

Oh no, this is the biggest, biggest tip

6. Have fun
Enjoy the adventure, because that’s what it is