Coworking in numbers


So you are still skeptic about the coworking movement? Well, just released the numbers of their 2016 coworking forecast and is astonishing. The research presents that by 2020 there will be 26.000 coworking spaces and 3.8 million coworkers worldwide. This means a 23.8% annual rate of growth for spaces and 41% for coworkers. Please notice that I said ANNUAL. Yes, that means per year.

Now another interesting thing to notice is that this is a prediction according with how the numbers have been going so far. But if you check the forecasts even the prediction has been growing. That could mean that the growth will be even higher, unless a big recession or crisis happen. Which doesn’t necessarily means a big recession for coworking, as it grows the more people leave the traditional way of working.

Another potential for the growth of the coworking market is that it is still small. According to the forecast in the US alone there are 22 million people who could work in coworking spaces. The forecast predicts 3.8 million people using it worldwide until 2020. As some see that this means a small penetration rate (only 4%) others see it as a huge opportunity. That means that there still a lot of people to discover the benefits of sharing a workspace.

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