5 things you can do with a castle in Italy


Lately, an article saying that Italy is giving away some of its castles and monasteries went viral. Everyone wants a piece of it, including me. The idea is that the people who get the historical places invest on it and attract tourists. This initiative is awesome. In a lot of ways, it meets the philosophy of Seats2meet of sharing the abundance to co-create a where things that, before were unimaginable, happen. So I created this list how we could use this fantastic spaces:

An S2M for locals location 🏡

S2M for locals is when coworking meets home office. There are already 12 sites in the Netherlands, including a Marina, a house with a view in Amsterdam or even a caravan. What have they different from other Seats2meet spots you know? They all have a house-like vibe to them, which make them perfect to bond and connect in a cozy space. Well, castles and monasteries were all someone’s houses back in the days, so why not keep it that way and still attract people from all over the world to work at those places?

A Co-living place 👯

How awesome would it be to live in a castle for a season? Co-living comes from the concept of coworking, but you can add living in it. You work and live with inspiring people in the same place. Now a castle sounds big enough to make that possible and incredibly inspiring. I bet that would be a great new hot spot for digital nomads seeking for their new destination!

A cooperative space for locals 🌍

Now that’s something I would be very curious! If the government gives one of this castles to the community that is already around them, what do you think they would like to do with it? An organic farm? A new school? A tanning salon? I wonder. 🤔

A School 🤓

Not any school, of course. The subject of how our current education system is no longer serving the needs of society is already saturated. So why not make a collaborative school for adults eager to learn? There are already a lot of different schools and initiatives offering courses in a retreat format, as the Happy Startup School, The Change School, Coworkation, and many others. So why not collaborate and use the space to all of them? I assure it would attract a lot of great people!

A Bitnation embassy 🤖

Bitnation is decentralized governance, which means a government with bureaucracies and a higher power which commands us all. It’s pretty cool. And which is better, it’s alive and kicking. They just won the Grand Prix from Netexplo. Among their several initiatives, they have embassies and consulates. In a decentralized society where we govern ourselves those places are simply spaces which individuals share with each other. A consulate is where you can work and meet each other; embassies are pretty much the same, but you can also live there. A bitnation embassy in a castle would be the perfect cross between past and future.

The cool thing is that you could use the Serendipity Machine in all of that kind of places. 😉