5 Reasons to work at Abundance: the abundant co-working space in Amsterdam



We’re happy to announce that since the beginning of this year we are a seats2meet location. Especially because our core values are very similar with the values of seats2meet.

We believe that we live in an abundant universe, there is more than enough for everybody.
More than enough space, love, work, money, and people to realize everybody’s dream. We believe that sharing ideas and co-creation is the best way to realize dreams and turn actions into results and that is exactly what we can offer you and what you can bring to abundance: sharing ideas and helping others with your expertise. In exchange for sharing your knowledge, you can work here for free.

So Abundance, but what are we? Abundance is the co-working space in Amsterdam West.
We have a beautiful location of 680 M2. We got 20 seats for flex workers, 2 offices, 6
coaching-rooms and 3 meeting/ training rooms. Besides that, we offer workshops and talks
about different topics from mindfulness to setting goals and what it means to be an
entrepreneur and how to reach your full potential. In this blog, we’ll give you 5 reasons why
Abundance is your ideal co-working space.

Working in a personal environment

We’re a relatively small co-working space. Unlike WeWork or Spaces we offer a few seats, so you’ll know your fellow co-workers, that makes Abundance a cozy place to work and relax.

Use our network

We have open-minded people who are always in to give feedback on your idea or brand. You’re more than welcome to work a day for free at Abundance, you can make an appointment via this link: www.abundance.amsterdam (at the bottom of the side you’ll find the contact form).

We have awesome gadgets to keep you sharp during a workday

Tired of sitting all day behind your laptop, try our TreadMill. Yeah, we have a walking desk, that means you can check your email while walking.

Value for your money

You get value for your money. For only 150 euro you can use your desk 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. So that means you can work whenever you feel like it.

If you want it, we can arrange it

If you want to learn more about finance, doing your taxes, about making a youtube video or about online marketing, we will arrange it, we will give a workshop and talk every month, so if you have the need to learn more about a specific subject we can make it happen.

That’s it. We hope we will see you here, you’re more than welcome!

Article by Thomas van Zwieten