We see a trend, and now we have a perfect tool for you to be part of it. All kinds of locations like offices (big HQ’s and small offices), restaurants/cafes, universities/schools, hospitals, libraries, etc. are opening their doors to the world. People are allowed to enter and sit there to cowork and meet each other.

The tool I mentioned is The Serendipity Machine. Users use them to check in on a spot and get matched to relevant other users. And then it’s up to them to discover the serendipity of their meetup.

For example, at the location Seats2meet.com Utrecht CS we do this too. Already for 10 years now, and it’s still a ‘place to be’ for a lot of people! Every day an average of 80 people entering the open workspace to work, meet and collaborate. With more than 70.000 users (in the Netherlands). And in 2015 1 out of 6 found a new job, a new project to work on, or started a new company.

Why would you do this too? Well, let me give you 5 reasons.

1: Your location becomes a place to be
Because of people using The Serendipity Machine app, they know where to find you. This generates traffic at your location so that they can meet relevant people there. All we do with the app is matching them to each other and bring the virtual world into the physical world at your location.

2: Knowledge is inside your building to innovate your business too
With people entering your spot also a lot of expertise and knowledge is coming in. Perhaps that social media expert is among them to help you do your marketing. Or maybe you can collaborate with another person who has some brilliant insights and ideas, and suddenly you’ve got yourself a new product or service to sell.
Watch this video to see how Achmea (one of the biggest insurance company in the Netherlands) innovates.

3: You will have a dashboard with relevant data of the people inside
All those people in your location are your stakeholders. Who doesn’t want to know them, right? We show you the results of your space, about the knowledge, the behavior, and some other stats.

4: You have exposure on this map and in a rapidly growing network
We ask people to identify the cool places to go to on this map. That’s where your worldwide exposure starts. If you want to connect to that global network, just become a serendipitous spot and people know that they are allowed to enter your location too.

5: And maybe your location will be the spot where the next Facebook will be invented, How cool!
Just for fun, imagine!!