10 documentaries to understand the hows and the whys of change


Ok, ok, the world is changing fast, we are tired of hearing that. But how to understand it better? Well, there are books, movies, shows, all kind of things you can consume to understand it. Here are the 10 documentaries (I love documentaries) to understand what we are going through.

  1. I am

It’s even boring talking to about documentaries sometimes. The first one that I ALWAYS tell to people to watch is this one, I am. Directed by Tom Shadyac (the same director of Ace Ventura) after he suffered an accident. He travelled the world asking experts and thinkers this 2 questions: What is wrong with the world? What can we do to change it? As simple and genius as that. Watch it!

2. What the Bleep do we know!?

I love the name of this one – and the content as well, obviously. It talks about ourselves as human race and the powers that we have but don’t know yet. More and more we are going on a way of self discover and improvement. More people are doing yoga, meditation, reflecting on their own role. This documentary helps a little bit with that.


3. The True Cost

An eye opening film about the fashion industry and the damage that it does. To be more precise the damage that low cost clothing does. This one is not one to understand the revolution, but WHY it has to happen, which is pretty important as well.

4. Living on one dólar

4 friends decide to know what it is like to live with only one dollar a day – which is like 1.1 billion of people lives like. Yes, consider yourself VERY lucky.

5. Food matters

This one is more focused, but also teaches us the price of low cost food from big chains and the facilities we have (as a supermarket in every corner).

6. Particle Fever

The more scientific discoveries we have the more possibilities. A few years ago the god particle was discovered, understand what it could impact in our society.

7. Aluna

Knowledge doesn’t come only from the high educated people, it can be in the simplest of people. A tribe in south america sees all the signs of nature changing that only people who are truly connected to it could see.

8. Print the legend

Again, new discoveries may cause big revolution. This is about the invention of the 3D printer and how it can impact the whole supply chain as we know it and the people working to achieve that.

9. Capital C

Documentary about crowdfunding. It shows different cases and how, nowadays, what we need are good ideas. Executives aren’t the ones who will decide which products are available to us. We are the ones who chose, and finance those products.

10. Startup.com

During the .com bubble a guy raises millions to launch his product, didn’t really work out. He tells the lessons that he learns and how to succeed learning from failures.



It’s a bonus because it’s only 12 minutes. It’s about girl in tech. Enjoy it!

If you have another suggestion share it with us!