What we can learn from the Olympics

SOCHI, RUSSIA - FEBRUARY 04: A general view of the Olympic rings during training ahead of the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics at the Laura Cross-Country Ski and Biathlon Center on February 4, 2014 in Sochi, Russia. (Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images)

Although the Olympics is a very much commercial event, is not only about advertisement and licensing. The Olympics is about a lot of athletes and professionals who worked very hard for years to impress the world and be the best in their field. Tomorrow the games will start in the beautiful city of Rio de Janeiro and here is what we can learn from one of the biggest events on earth.

  1. The world comes together

Ok, I know it is a competition, but both in the beginning and in the end all athletes come together and make a big party. The whole world should be like this everyday! Just my opinion.

2. People volunteer to make it happen

Yes, there are a lot of people that are being paid to organize the event. But those people are smart. They ask for help of the community. Yes! That obvious. They ask for help of the people who can and want to help. In the end they do tasks that doesn’t require a lot of training, which are the tasks that usually require more people. At the same time those people can put it in their resumeé, ending up an advantage for them as well. Smart isn’t it?

3. You are more than your career

Due the unfortunate fact that the athletes that compete in the olympics don’t get much money from it, a lot of them end up having different jobs. They train a LOT and have jobs aside to make money. In the end of the day they are remembered for being athletes that competed in the olympics. Not for being a teacher, a lawyer or whatever job they do.

4. A lot of connection

During the olympics professionals from all over the world come together to not only watch, but also work. They are journalists, event managers, photographers, bloggers, doctors, all kinds of them. When you are working in the olympics is not like you are isolated from all of that people. They all make connections and help each other to make their very best.

5. No geographic boundaries

I love this about the olympics. Is not about one country, is about all of them. Every four years it takes place in a different city. Although the in the last century none of them took place in Africa there is a big variety. The one of this year will be the first one to be hold in South America.

6. It defies the definition of limits

Every olympics records are broken. Athletes give their best to be the best not only in the competition, but of time. We change our standards every time one of the events takes place and the evolution is visible. How are you evolving?