This influencer summoned her followers for a good cause


Julia Tolezano, also known as Jout Jout, is the owner of a Brazilian Youtube channel with more than one million subscriptions. She got that number by creating videos where she portraits contemporary and polemic subjects with simplicity and humor.

Her last video, for the surprise of her one million followers, has no sounds at all. And no, you can’t understand what it is about, as all she does is speak. In the end of the video, she shows how people can create subtitles for her youtube channel. She summons the power of the crowd to make the video accessible for hearing impaired people, by creating subtitles.

Youtube has for a while now the possibility of any fan including a subtitle. That means that, if you speak Dutch and wants to translate the video, you can! For any video. Jout Jout is one of the first youtube channels to come with the initiative of not putting the subtitle herself, but going for the crowd who appreciates the videos to help her out. That’s crowdsourcing at its best. And in case you were wondering, someone already translated the video for English speakers. So you can watch it too.