Urban Farming in New York



The video shows an elaborate urban farming setup in New York.

What is it?

Square Roots is an urban farming accelerator based in New York. The setup shows you can produce fresh vegetables with less water, less room and lots of technology. In a highly controlled environment plants grow in vertical beds under artificial lights.

Why is it interesting?

The world population is growing. More and more people are moving to cities. To provide as many as possible with fresh food urban farming seems like the perfect solution. You can build farming units everywhere and because the plants grow vertical they take up a lot less space than traditional farming. If you watch the video you wouldn’t suspect the crops to taste good, but Sylvia Channing form Square Roots, assures us that the greens are fresher than you can imagine and taste wonderful. When the crops are grown and harvested close to where they are eaten you also save on transport. Good for the environment in many ways!

Watch the video