How Serendipity can benefit Entrepreneurs?


For both the new and the more experience entrepreneurs, having a big network is gold. Network is not only customers but also a support net. When you start your life as an entrepreneur you are by yourself. It is freeing, frightening and it can be either lonely or get you into a whole new world of people. That’s where the serendipity gets in.

Connect. Improve. Grow.

By now you probably heard that everyone is living in a bubble. Their own bubble formed by algorithms that only show you what you want to see. That might trick you and change your perception of the world around you, which can be a risk when creating new services and products. Serendipity is unexpected and it’s relevant. Meeting someone that is not in your circle can bring a lot of important insights and fresh ideas. It is important to be open to other visions of the world and to change in order to grow. You might end up finding more opportunities then you originally thought.

Connect. Collaborate. Grow.

More people than ever before are looking for life quality and purpose instead of a millionaire salary. That means that there are way more people risking their safe job to become an entrepreneurs or freelancer. Now what we are learning is that the rise on this number shouldn’t be seen as more competition for entrepreneurs, but more people to collaborate with. Serendipity has a big role in collaborating once is all about connecting to new and relevant people! People that can help you grow. This is the secret – tell everyone!

Connect. Share. Grow.

Serendipity benefits entrepreneurs in all its phases, including wannabe entrepreneurs, like myself. Connecting to other people who have been there is essential. Sharing experiences, ideas and thoughts can make the lonely part become more being part of something bigger while choosing your own role in it. In Society 3.0 we see movement of decentralisation. For an instance Airbnb is the biggest hotel chain without owning a hotel, or Uber has the biggest car fleet without owning a single car. We see a trend for the network of entrepreneurs becoming the biggest company in the world as they work together towards the same goals, doing their own thing. In that way it doesn’t seem so lonely right?

Connect & grow

The connect and grow part is bigger than one entrepreneur, although it is also important individually. Connecting and growing goes to the bigger picture as well. Goes towards the society 3.0.

To know more about working with Serendipity go to the Serendipity Machine.