See you in OuiShare Paris 2017


Next week pioneers and enthusiasts from all over the world gather in Paris. In the bohemian city, they will discuss the dynamic of the word and its habitats. In the center of this discussion, the sharing economy stands stronger than ever, surrounded by many other initiatives and topics.

To give you a perspective, the subjects treated on ouishare this year go from living to consciousness and social justice. You can check all the program here. Besides that, I am happy to see that this year there will be an edition of the festival in Barcelona and another in Rio. Another great new is that the guys from the Permanent Future Lab will be there to talk about tech for citizens.

To talk more about the festival, sharing economy and the initiatives in it, we will go live on Facebook. The live session will be available as a podcast, and you can listen to it on Soundcloud later. Yes, we have a podcast now. For now, here is a list of initiatives we love and that will be present. Keep an eye on them, because they will shake the world!

Permanent Future Lab

The Utrecht-born initiative is all about sharing tech. By giving everyone access to tech, they allow that people from all different backgrounds give a new purpose for new gadgets and technology. In consequence, innovation runs faster and wider. They are all about open source, and their labs are expanding rapidly. We wrote about them here.


Share NL is also a Dutch initiative and it works in centralizing and facilitating traditional businesses into the sharing economy. They worked with the city of Amsterdam to create the Sharing City, and continuously host events to tackle all sorts of issues and how to disrupt them in the sharing economy.


The website is the bible of the sharing economy. Are you new to the subject or have been following it since the beginning? Visit

Beyond those initiatives, there a several other we are excited to know more about next week. Are you joining? Let us know in the comments and let’s eat a macaroon together!