Story of Seats2meet space to Seats2meet network!


Seats2meet opened the S2M, Bangladesh location back in 2019 as an open source co-working place for our rural students. The goal was to solve Permanent Future Lab’s space dilemma. And it extended beyond PFLab or a co-working space. Yes, seats2meet has evolved into a Bangladeshi network with the purpose of bringing young to digital platforms to learn digital skills and compete from anywhere.

How did we create a network?

My intention was always to open source whatever I have. Since I have the space, just PFlab and my endeavors are running, and it is idle in my spare time. So I began hosting social organisations and persons who wanted to do social work but didn’t have a space to sit or sufficient planning. We had a great response. You can learn more from this article.

What do we have within our network?

Three venues and four libraries are assisting hundreds of youngsters in playing with computers, virtual reality, and cutting-edge technology. And the nicest part is that we are seeing people of all ages and genders. I must accept that female engagement is almost non-existent anywhere. Due to religious and social obstacles, most girls are not permitted to walk outside in remote locations to participate in such events. However, we are about to launch awareness campaigns in all of our network locations with volunteers and supporters. Already forming a female group to collaborate with us. S2M female venture next? Stay connected with the magazine to find more in future.

How do I manage all of these locations?

Easy. I’m putting together a network of people who will aid each other. For example, at the most recent s2m location, there is no electricity, and a little shop nearby shared his electricity line. And all without any money. Although we only utilize one lamp and two PCs for a few hours per week, it was a thoughtful gesture by a merchant who is unfamiliar with computers and is illiterate himself.
Because it is a well-balanced network, I am not required 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Yes, managing locations and speaking with hundreds of individuals every day about programs and issues is difficult, but hey, it’s exactly my dream job that I adore.

What’s the ultimate goal?

You could even laugh at me since the goal is so lofty. But I want to open 100 locations in Bangladesh. Consider developing a monetary system to manage cash flow and pay bills. I will seek assistance from large corporations, the government, and friends. What I feel is that if we can aid all of these unfortunate individuals by sharing our plenty, it will be a great balance for the global eco-system. I am very opposed to the free food system that is sweeping the globe. We should give underprivileged youth skills so that they can pursue their own aspirations. I can give you a very personal example: back in 2018, MR, Ronald Van Den Hoff, the founder and CEO of s2m, assisted me in purchasing a computer. I now work online with my buddy Jurjen and have my own blog. I would never work if they gave me free food. I’d sit in my comfort zone and cry one day. I am nearly self-sufficient now and hope to be stable by the end of the year.

How can you join us?

We primarily require computers and literature. For example, we intend to open two more s2m stations in remote areas where most individuals do not even know how to switch on a computer. You can assist us with abundance technology, knowledge, or even by traveling to us and sharing your stories. I’d be delighted to be your host. If you want to provide monetary assistance, Seats2meet,Bangladesh have a Patreon website where we can accept it and put it to good use. Despite the fact that my Patreon page only has two supporters. I’m primarily reliant on s2m collaboration.

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Fahad Bin Husne Ali,