S2M and Deelwinkel join forces

A group of people around Juul Martin have notoriously made a lot of social innovation happening over the past ten years. In swarm-like organizations using social capital and the principles of abundance, they made beautiful projects come true. These people built a house without money, organized numerous sharing events for entrepreneurs, opened a real sharing shop (Deelwinkel) in a mall, helped the sharing economy to grow with deeleconomie.nl and connected and inspired thousands with durftevragen (daretoask) and Sharing Vouchers worldwide.
It was hard to keep on learning after so many successes that boredom kind of kicked in. Learning and exploring are so important to these people that they decided to reinvent themselves. After a year of struggle, the idea slowly grew that all the experiences and learnings must be passed on. They stuck to the name Deelwinkel (Sharing shop) but decided to stop being initiators of civil bottom-up movements. Since this year, Deelwinkel is consulting and training professionals in using the power of abundance and sharing to reach their goals. And it feels right and exciting for Juul and friends to learn and explore how to find their way in the consulting industry while keeping in contact with their history and bottom-up movements of today.
They are happy and proud that Seats2meet helps out. Since Deelwinkel and S2M have similar goals on serendipity, abundance, and sharing they decided to join forces. Deelwinkel will use ‘abundant’ meeting spaces in Utrecht to host masterclasses and sharing sessions. They share knowledge with S2M for connecting the workers. More and more cities and municipalities are exploring cooperation with Deelwinkel wich feel as a fine reward after uncertain times and difficult choices.