Nice Shirt!


Meet Gerben and Gerwin. In 2016 they established the Netherlands’ most positive clothing brand: Supermegaflex. This non-profit is all about spreading a smile by selling slow fashion (GOTS certified!) with joyous prints.

‘Nice shirt!’ is how it all started. An exclamation which sparked many cheerful chats with strangers. Gerben was vacationing in Florida. And people over there loved his t-shirt. The print? ‘Have a nice day!’ Simple as that. Gerben thought: “Let’s start spreading positivity through our clothes!”

Meanwhile in the Netherlands… his cousin Gerwin began to realize how little clothes one actually needs. He just returned home from a pilgrimage where he spent weeks living out of a daypack. Had he missed anything? Nope! A slow fashion fan was born.

And that’s how their plans got together. They just dove into the mysterious world of clothing. It took Gerwin and Gerben 1,5 years to learn about all producing clothes. They looked for the best fabric, fitting size and design. They went to Izmir in Turkey to follow the whole supply chain. The result? Sustainably sourced, fairtrade AND supercomfy sweaters and t-shirts which #spreadpositivity.

Because Supermegaflex <3 the S2M community they have a special offer for us! Order a sweater for €67 and get a t-shirt (worth €37) for free. Grab your discount by using the promo code S2M at checkout. Get yours here – the promotion is running until December 31st 2017.

PS. So far we only sell sweaters and t-shirts for men. Ladies, we’d like to keep you posted! Subscribe to our newsletter here.