The New World: Come and Get It


Today marks exactly a week since I got here in The Netherlands to live new adventures, and work at the seat2meet .com, of course. I have to say that I don’t know exactly what my expectations were, but what I am experiencing here on my day-by-day is totally beating them.

When you are living your traditional life working in a big company, as I was doing in Brazil, you have an idea that new things are happening, but you keep a distance from it. Something in you change when you actually go and experience them for yourself.

This new world I am referring to comes from the society 3.0 way of thinking. People are wiling to share their knowledge and also listen to you. From that you obviously get another’s point of view, and which is even better, you get to new conclusions yourself. This is how you have original ideas and meet relevant people. It’s the way to new opportunities.

After a week in this environment I can say that I saw more innovation happening and had more new ideas then in the whole year of 2015, I am not exaggerating.

So when people that work as a freelancer ask me “why would I go to a coworking space when I can just work home in my pajamas?” that is what a have to say to you: feel free to work in your pajamas, you can do that, but I challenge you to spend just one day at a location.

Open your mind, look around, drink coffee, talk to people around you. Truth is I can give a million reasons why you should change your pajamas and go, but you will only truly understand it once you live it. There is a whole world of good ideas and opportunities and it welcomes everyone who wants to get in it, that is the future, and I promise you are going to love it.