Living in the new world!


The world is changing in a fast way! Can you notice it? What is changing in your life? Are old habits not valid for you anymore? Maybe you feel in your stomach that something is missing in your life. Life is going fast, always busy, working hard to pay the rent or mortgage. Maybe you have work, but your heart is not beating fast about it. If that is the case, in your heart you know that there must be more for you. And maybe you have listened already to that voice that is telling you that you can follow your heart. You might already connect with a way of living that is fulfilling.
The world is changing, we cannot doubt that. But where are we going to, might be very scary for some of us. Do we still have money or banks, do we still have our insurance? We do not know now. But what we can do is trust it. Trust that the future will give us what we need, only with trust we can come somewhere. With fear, we are blocking a new and more fulfilling future for us. How do you want to live if you have no

How do you want to live if you have no limits what so ever? The sky is the limit! I can taste that in our future this will be true. Things that were impossible in the past, will be possible. There are miracles to happen in our lives. If we just give over to our heart’s, listen to it and are willing to take steps and risks. If you don’t take the step’s and risk’s your heart is asking for, changes are difficult. It take’s all your guts! But every one of us has that guts for sure!!
Have you noticed the tiny house movement? More and more you read about it, hear about it (even in the new’s on TV). Young people are not able to afford a house, they can’t even get a mortgage. But the most important thing is that they do not want to be a slave anymore of their house. They want to be free! Free to do hobby’s, to travel and to explore what they want in life. That is what they fulfill. If they just have this tiny house (20m2) on wheels, they can live anywhere with it. You can not have much stuff if you live
small. But also that is freedom because stuff takes your attention. In the old days, stuff was meant to be collected. Stuff was normal to have. Now stuff is a load that needs to get rid of or gives away to people who need it more. Less is more.
If I let myself go to dream about the future, how would this look like? First of all, I see people follow their hearts. That will be very important in the future. There will be room for that. Our private and working life will be more together in the future. Because in the future, we have work we love and chosen our selves. Maybe that work not exists yet, but we can discover it ourselves. Everyone has enough money to live their life and enjoy life. We just cannot accept anymore that there is poverty or inequality. Not that everybody needs to earn the same, some people just need more money for their purpose and that is
alright. We give each other a good price for their jobs, not more and not less. People who earn exorbitantly much money, that belongs to the past. Also because for them in the future that does not feel right anymore. Our hearts are opening more and even they who live their lives around money are beginning to think (or better: to feel!).
We cannot accept this animal abuse anymore, our hearts just cannot live with it. Bioindustry is gone. Animals are walking freely in nature and we can still eat meat if we want. But there will only be meat from animals that have had a good life. If you think about eating meat from the bioindustry, those animals that lead a sad life. What will do that meat with your body? It will make your body sad and suppressed, in the end, it will make your mind sad and suppressed. You are becoming what you eat is really true. Do you want to feel sad and suppressed? That is your own choice.

We choose how we live and in where we live. In the future we don’t want new big buildings to come, there are already enough. What we do want is to live on that ground. I see many tiny houses, Yurt’s (nomadic tent’s) and self-build eco houses in the future. They are standing on government ground, which given to us. We have our own space there where we can be creative and have our gardens, because to grow your own food is a great good in the future! Around our own spaces, there is nature. We let nature go and slowly pieces of nature grow together so that, wild animals can move to where they feel it’s good for them. Now they are heald in so called natureparks. Wild horses are living there, I talk
about the peace of land in Almere. The horses cannot live their nomadic life to find food and shelter and they die! That is nature they say! But this is no nature. We give them a small piece and respect them to live there. It’s cruel in my opinion. Animals have the right to go where there instinct take them. And also it’s the right of human!
We will have no passports anymore, we will be worldsittisens! We can travel where we want and when we want. No visums or rules. We will be developt enough to handel this and not abuse this new system. This is because we listen to our conscience. We will not live with ensurense or pensions anymore. We all give the mony away what we can miss to a
central point and they will give it to the people who need it. We will not accept people to suffer and not accept people that take advantage of it. We do not want to stop working (our dreamwork) when we are 65 because we just love it too much. And it will be work wich we can do to an old age. Everyone is in the society, young and old.
City’s will still exist, but different. It wil be an inspirational place where people can meet and see art’s. It will not be a shopping palace anymore, but there will be small shops with owners that truly love what they’re selling. The thing’s or clothing will be secondhand, fairtrade and made in harmony with the environment (biological). The city’s are filled with green. There is a lot of room for plants and trees to grow and if we do not have garden’s we can take wild herbs and plants from our area, which we can plant together. So even city folk can be in touch with nature, what is so important for them. The stone suburbs are gone (or much greener) and made a place for creative living in the green. This is how I like to see the future, how do you like to see your future?
Wow, I am getting so excited while writing this! I want this now! I am getting very happy with this picture I have in my mind. But for everything, there is a time. There is a lot of work to do for us now. I think the first thing is to listen to your heart and follow it. What gives you a vibrant feeling? What gives you a big smile? So do that! You have nothing that holds you back, that’s only in your mind. It’s there for us, for sure!
I wish you a happy jearney to live your dreamlife!

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