Innovative World improvers meet every month at Tech Tuesday!


Every month worldimprovers share passion, enthusiasm,knowledge and experience about tech and innovation in our future and world we live in. Every second Tuesday of every month at the same place, Seats2meet Utrecht CS around 19 o’clock in the evening. In collaboration with communities of the Permanent Future Lab, Permanent Beta and the changing crowd the most unexpected things happen, like last week, on the 13th of february!

“People got wild. Hands were touching sensors and AR glasses…..”

It was that Tech Tuesday time again. Pretty busy with more than 80 attendees. What happened there? We share it with you below. Also, you’ll get to know 3 reasons why you should attend next time too!

Make sense of social stuff
Good ideas are in the head of many of us. We identify problems in society, and maybe even come up with solutions to them. What holds us back from further developing our program might be a lack of knowledge about social and environmental enterprises. Coby Zephyr Babani & Max Bouillon inspired the crowd on social entrepreneuring. Their session was part of MakeSense Movement Worldwide SenseTech week. One of the participants stated:

“we should try to combine resources more often in order to improve the world.”

Talking about resources, during these Tech Tuesday events tech is always being shared. This time it was time to experience augmented reality (AR) with the hololens and meta 2.

Experience the holographic future
As a custom these evenings, tech was being shared again. Nick van Breda brought his Microsoft hololens. That is the first self-contained, holographic computer, enabling you to engage with your digital content and interact with holograms in the world around you.It was a great meetup” according to Nick. “Room 9 got out of hands when people started touching the sensors and the AR glasses. They got wild and set new in-game high-scores while monsters came out of the wall. I got a brilliant video footage of it I can share with you here. Also, there is a video of how it (AR) can be applied in schools.” He also recorded some moments with the 360 camera, the Theta s, he brought along. You can see them here.

Jurjen de Vries shared his Meta 2. This device allows you to touch, grab, and pull photo-realistic content. If you couldn’t make it this night, get in touch with Jurjen and Nick. I’m sure they are open to sharing it with you.

Digital love
We talked about a chatbot that’s looking for love, longing for contact with (lonely) human beings. What we learned that evening can be read in detail over here.

Informative, Innovative, Fun and Open
Mostly during these events, there is a “nice vibe” as Maikel Mardjan also observed:

“Motivated people who like to create and make our world better“

Somebody commented on the page where the events are announced that it was informative, fun and open. On that same page, you can see other big topics also passed by: on privacy, Sensor Lab, Crypto Investing and the (blockchain) Decred project. Too much to follow and absorb in just one evening! Luckily there is more to come in future times!

3 reasons to join Tech Tuesday
Every edition is very diverse. The reason to attend these meetup really differ per person. But for me it’s definitely:

  1. the vibe of the enthusiastic people
  2. the feeling we can create a different world together and
  3. the new knowledge I can learn from through first-hand experience

See you next at the next edition of Tech Tuesday? A meetup that goes further than tech alone. It’s about people, our future and our world we live in, click to register as attendee, join as co-organizer or give a talk the next time at: