3 easy tips to make your ordered-in lunch more sustainable


We’ve all been there: it’s around lunchtime and you realize you didn’t bring anything with you…

Luckily, in this day and age, you are just some clicks away from pretty much every type of food you can imagine. Seats2meet is collaborating with Thuisbezorgd.nl, because S2M is all about connecting. And because of that collaboration, you can save your lunch and order that healthy Poke Bowl, slice of pizza, or steak ‘n cheese sandwich with a Seats2meet discount.

To make this delivery experience a little bit healthier, more sustainable and more social, we have some easily applicable tips for you (and yet another great announcement about this collaboration)…

Order with a work buddy

Not only is it more fun when you’re spending time with others, but also, sharing your food with them can save you a whole lot of calories and allow you to sample several different dishes. Sure, you could probably destroy an entire container of Pad Thai all on your own (I know I could), but you’ll regret it when you realize that you’re going to have to spend your whole morning tomorrow at the gym.

Don’t eat out of the container

If you think that your average take-out container is equivalent to a normal serving size, you’re wrong. No matter what kind of food you order, take the extra two minutes to remove it from its original packaging to see how much food is actually in there. I guarantee it’s more than you think. BTW, if you save half in the original container and store it in the fridge and you’ll have tomorrow’s lunch fixed as well!

Health-up your lunch

When it comes to making healthy choices, it’s no surprise that adding veggies anywhere you can is going to be a must. And it’s even helpful when you want to order something less ‘healthy’ for a change. So add them on top of pizza, into stir fry, inside a sandwich, in a burrito or tacos, and literally anywhere else you can fit them. Just make sure you visit your local supermarket for a stash of greens!

To put these tips into practice, you can get your discount voucher at the reception of Seats2meet 030 right now, or take one –  together with some great bites that will be provided by Thuisbezorgd.nl – during the Network Drinks at S2M Festival on February 26.