Giving a new purpose to public phones


There are 19 thousand bus stops in Brazil, 15 thousands buses and in São Paulo only 25 thousand public phones. The 4G internet in the country is extremely expensive and bad, in that case when you are wondering the city you can’t check the time and which bus to get.

Thinking of all this data Redbull created a number where you can call for free from a public phone. In that way you can check the times without internet. There is a new use for the public phones. And is all for free. Check out the video here.

This action comes in a moment when technologies become decandent and we can give new use to it. Look at it in a different way. Not only that, but give it actual use for the people around it. Consequently people are helped by it works as marketing strategy at the same time, once the government wasn’t the one who had the initiative – although it should have been.

So, when you look around you in your city is there anything that used to be used and it’s not anymore? How about giving it a twist? What do you look around and know that it could have a different – better – purpose? If you start questioning the possibilities are inifinite.