My first S2M for Locals experience


The other day I travelled to Vinkeveen, perhaps one of the most Dutch surroundings you can possibly imagine. On the bus ride from Breukelen to the Marina, the new S2M for Locals location, you could see nothing but meadows (all very flat) and cows (lots of cows). It was a very peaceful sight, and the Vinkeveen Marina was no exception!

Kristien van Elteren, the owner of the Vinkeveen Marina (best Marina in the Netherlands, and I sure understand why!), informed me that some people had booked a workspace with her that day. When I arrived at 1pm the three men from Promigion were already sitting in the lodge enjoying their cup of coffee and working hard. I felt rude interrupting, but yet I really wanted to know: what made them decide to work in the Marina that day? It turned out they were all familiar with the S2M concept, and once they found out there was a pilot going on at such a cool location they booked a workspace right away!






Not only were the surroundings beautiful; you can walk outside for a small break, if the weather allows it even sit at one of the picnic tables and do some work. And yes; you can even swim in the water during summer! But there was just a general sense of tranquility. The intimacy of the workplace, the personal interactions with the hosts and a cute (massive) ridgeback puppy running around. You are truly working in someone’s ‘home’ for a day, but you really get the sense that you are at home as well.


Kristien has many plans for the Vinkeveen Marina. The number of docks will double and there will be more arcs for people to stay the night. Or work during the day! You want to spend your day working at this beautiful marina? Or you just really want to pet the cute puppy? Why not check it out for yourself:—Amsterdam-pilot