Expert Selection: Sustainable And Safe Cooking Solutions In Africa

Judith Joan Walker - Sustainable And Safe Cooking Solutions In Africa
Judith Joan Walker - Sustainable And Safe Cooking Solutions In Africa

Judith Joan Walker

Judith Joan Walker is the Director of Operations for African Clean Energy (ACE), which manufactures clean energy products including the ACE 1 Solar Biomass Cookstove. ACE is proving new techniques and best practices that put the focus on customer services and accurate data collection in order to create replicable methods of distribution to underserved populations. Her focus is on distributing the ACE 1 throughout Southern Africa and South East Asia and making this energy solution available to all those that need it most. Judith was named 2016 Forbes Top 30 Under 30 European Social Entrepreneur, is shortlisted for an Ashden Award 2017 for the ‘Clean Energy and Women & Girls’ category, was named an ‘Iconic Leader Creating a Better World for All’ at the Women Economic Forum 2017 in The Hague, is a global finalist representing the Netherlands for Chivas’ The Venture and is a GSBI Accelerator Alumnus.

“This video talks about the problems with cooking on open fire, and discusses how there is a coalition of clean cookstove companies (Dutch Spark for Clean Cooking Solutions) working together in order to be able to reach more people. It’s a great intro to why cookstoves are so important!”

“This short 22-minute documentary gives you an insight into our ACE operations in Lesotho. It provides more information about the local context we work in, and we discuss our philosophy on treating our customers like customers. That seems like an obvious philosophy, but we’re dealing with many rural poor, who have never been treated like a customer because, in fact, they are rarely offered products and services.”

“This video talks about the SAFE (Safe Access to Fuel & Energy) for refugees. It’s very interesting to see the energy needs in this context, because indeed it happens that food is handed out that must be cooked, but safe fuels and/or cookstoves often are not.”

“This is a really nice story about renewable energy solutions in South Africa. At ACE we frequently find that our customers have similar stories about needing to travel very far for water and fuel. Reducing the reliance on expensive fuels, and the amount of fuel gathered, can make a huge difference in their lives.”