CUAsia – Ten visionaries, one future


To celebrate the partnership between S2M and Coworking Unconference (CUAsia) 2016, we are interviewing the keynote speakers of this remarkable event. In the series ‘Ten visionaries, one future’, today Alex Hillman gives us a sneak peek on how he sees the future of work and life, in Asia and the rest of the world.

Alex Hillman pioneered the coworking movement, and continues to serve as its chief proponent and thought leader internationally. He co-founded Indy Hall in Philadelphia, one of the longest-running coworking spaces in the world. Alex is a community builder pur sang and only has one goal: “To fill the world with truly excellent collaborators, so we can all work together, better.” Following our ten questions, Alex will explain why he thinks coworking is like a big reset button for the world to have a serious look at the social infrastructure that supports the human beings that work in companies today.

Listen to Alex’ podcast, recorded at the Philadelphia International Airport, on his way to CUAsia: Ten visionaries, one future – Alex Hillman

Want to know more about Alex and his activities?

Check his website or follow him on Twitter: @alexhillman

You can also join Alex and his team at the People at Work Summit, an online conference on coworking and the future of work on April 21, 2016