Coworking and living in Spain – a magical experience

Cooking at Sun and Co

In one of her articles Beatriz describes the new phenomenon coliving, the follow-up on coworking and the best way for digital nomads to travel the world, at least in my opinion. I have been working and travelling for a long time, but this was the first time I stayed in a place with other digital nomads. We all have the same aim, being as free as we want to travel and work all over the world.

It has always been an option for me, I took my notebook wherever I went and I worked from coffee places, hotel rooms and boats. But there was always something missing. And that was the thing of understanding. The way that entrepreneurs and digital nomads know what it’s like to travel and work. That they have the same inspiration and drive to create the business and life they want. That they are walking around with questions like, how and where am I registered now that I don’t have a house anymore.

I am staying at Sun and Co. in Javea in Spain. Where it’s warm and sunny, where it’s peaceful and quiet and where is a community of entrepreneurs who work together, share their stories and questions and who want to learn and grow. It is much more than coworking, it really creates a new way of life. Here you don’t want to sit alone with your earphones and wait for the day to pass. Here you sit and have conversations, you talk about life issues and business struggles, about victories and new ideas. At night there is room to work, to talk, to cook together or go out and eat tapas. You just work whenever you want and socialise when you feel like it.

But it is even more than coliving, because travelling is just a powerful way of finding inspiration for your business. Just by the movement of travelling and exploring new places you will find insights, peace and persistence. You’ll experience simplicity, power and connection. You learn new cultures, meet new people and have time to focus on what is important to you.

Coliving is not just something for digital nomads. It is something for all entrepreneurs who want to focus on a project, be inspired by new surroundings and people and who are ready to connect and travel.

The people of Sun and Co. really create a great community feeling and from what I have heard is it one of the unique places that really give you the feeling of being part of a community. This is not very common yet in the scene of digital nomadism, coliving and coworking. I will follow my way in travelling and coworking and coliving, so I will keep you updated when I find new places that you really should check out!

Love from Spain!