‘Connect to new people every day’


    Ronald van den Hoff, on the launch of S2M Brazil, September 15, 2015: ‘The opening of S2M Brazil in São Paolo is another benchmark in the Seats2meet.com history, as Brazil will be the 10th country to connect to the network of Seats2meet.com. Our ambassador in São Paolo, the renowned Brazilian entrepreneur Guilherme Tiezzi, was triggered by our vision Society 3.0 and understands the added value the competence platform of Seats2meet.com has to offer to his entrepreneurial networks, namely reinforcing the connections within that network and (co-)creating sustainable economical value. Due to economical and political reasons, Brazil is going through an incredibly tough period; it’s clear that new economical impulses are needed. Not just in Brazil, by the way; look at China struggling with its state-regulated economy and the Western world struggling with the financial boundaries of its capitalist system. Everybody understands by now that the known economical systems are basically at the end of their life cycles. It is time to change, to adapt, to start creating other values. With Seats2meet.com we have made it an art to connect people in the most innovative way and find a balance between monetary and social capital. This makes the Seats2meet.com competence platform innovative, sustainable and valuable. During the 5-day stay in São Paolo, I am also keynote speaker at the annual Matcon Strategy Forum, a gathering of leaders in the construction industry, speaking about innovative ways of working and how connecting in the right way with the right people can add value to your organization and make it even more relevant. In the afternoon I will speak during the festive opening of S2M Brazil, followed by a presentation at a business school, and finally a meet-up with the coworking industry in Rio de Janeiro. I want to wish all the people involved in S2M Brazil lots of relevant encounters and would like to say to them: connect to new people, each and every day. Chose the off the beaten track! It will maximize your chance to unexpected, relevant encounters and reinforce you and your organization.’