Becoming the São Paolo hotspot


    I had the pleasure to interview Bruno Richards de Norman et d’Audenhove, one of the entrepreneurs that will implement the platform in São Paolo Brazil. He is currently focussing on adapting the platform to the Brazilian market. The launch will be on september 15th during “O Evento“.

    According to Bruno, coworking is an upcoming phenomenon worldwide and it has reached Brazil as well, albeit in the beginning phase at the moment. The economic crisis the country is currently facing is one of the reasons for this development as people are looking for other ways to organize themselves within or outside offices.  A lot of people start to work as freelancers and build their own companies as a result of loosing their jobs.

    With around 70 locations in São Paolo and 170 in Brazil, São Paolo can be seen as the leader in coworking locations. Bruno is part of one of the coworking locations in São Paolo where they are experimenting with different forms of coworking. The main reason for people to look for cowork locations at the moment is because they are looking for an affordable workplace with good conditions.

    People are just coming in to the cowork spaces to work and “do their thing” and that  is such a shame according to Bruno. When we ask them if they have had relevant encounters that developed into a collaboration with an other coworker, we almost always hear: “no”.  They don’t  realize the potential the space has if people would help each other and collaborate. We aim to achieve this by implementing the platform here in São Paolo. By being able to offer serendipitous encounters to our coworkers, we can break the ice and let them see the true potential everybody in the building has and by being that place, we will become the hotspot for coworkers in São Paolo.