California opens its first University without teachers


42, for the well informed, is the answer for the ultimate question of universe, life and everything else. It is also the name given to a university in France with no teachers. Oh, it is also what you get if you make 6 times 7 – let’s not forget. But I am here to talk about the University, which just got its arm in the silicon valley.

42 for now is only for coders and instead of teachers, it uses its own students to support, discuss and grade each other. There is no tuition and it’s nonprofit. The University started in Paris in 2013 and now it’s spreading its wings to the new continent, and hopefully, will go worldwide soon. And why not go beyond coding?

The trendy university has its registrations open. To apply you have to be from 18 to 30 years old and not necessarily a degree. The training – as they call it – takes between 3 and 5 years. What you learn is in a program that also innovates by not only having topics as computer programming, innovation, entrepreneurship and infrastructure, but also personal development and expression.