Websites to keep an eye on in 2018


New times usually requires new fonts of information. Although classic channels can seem more trustworthy, they often lack the specific knowledge needed to truly keep up. For this reason, we listed some fonts that we love to go to get the latest trends.

Cryptocurrencies: Crypto Insider

The website was launched last year by several cryptocurrency and blockchain experts. Among them is Susanne Tarkowski Tempelhof, founder of Bitnation. The website posts daily. Midst its articles you can find everything related to the newest currencies, as political and economical events, new Startups and info about Blockchain that can impact your crypto wallet.

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New Stuff: Product Hunt

Product Hunt has been on my list for a few years already, but its combination of owners posting their own products, and the community being able to upvote them, makes it extra special. Because anyone can post their own products, you truly can find everything that is new there. And even better, because the community vote, you can really feel where the interest lies not for one person giving their opinion, but from several people. It makes it more accurate.

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For Digital Nomads (and everything else involved in being one): Nomad List

By 2020 there will be one billion people working as a freelancer. We are very close to that mark, and lately freelancers discovered a new advantage to their job: they can do it from anywhere. The Nomad List is a paid website where people living this lifestyle can exchange experiences on how to get more clients, which are the best cities to live as a nomad and the necessary gear.

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Trending right now: Google Trends

It is more important than ever to know what is it that everyone else wants to know. Specially in a time where every company has a social media page and is looking for content to share all the time, and that content can be the divider between lots of traction and none. Twitter is a good font to know what is it that people are talking about. But I usually go to Google, as there you can see what people actually want to know and maybe are not being so loud about it. For an instance, the trending topic on twitter right now is all about the new year, but on Google people are searching about Liverpool F.C., the Dutch Trade Union Federation and about the YouTuber Logan Paul.

Another cool feature about Google Trends is that you can choose which specific topic you want to see the trends about, and you can see its behaviour on the last 24 hours.

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Be Entertained: Buzzfeed

As Buzzfeed might fail to transmit relevant information, the website succeeds in entertaining and bring interesting facts for a wide range of people. So if you ever feel bored and looking for something just to get your head out of things (which we all need sometimes) you can always count on Buzzfeed. Don’t know where to start there? I will recommend you the quizzes.

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If you are looking for amazing stories, you can always come back to the Seats2meet magazine, where we aim to inform and inspire by telling the stories of the incredible people in the ecosystem. Happy new year!