Bernie Sanders speaks at SXSW: another perspective



American journalist Jake Tapper talks to Bernie Sanders during South by South West (SXSW). Big banks, gun violence, DACA, intervention in Jemen, a lot of Trump and politics itself are amongst the subjects that are talked about.

What is it?

Bernie Sanders preaches for his own parish at SXSW. The audience laughs and claps and seems to support everything he says. Luckily Jake Tapper isn’t afraid to ask some sticky questions, mainly about the dynamics of politics. Why did Sanders support certain issues when he says in public he is not a supporter? That makes this a very interesting talk to watch.

Why is it interesting?

Sanders is an eloquent speaker who seems to know a lot about a lot of different subjects. He is funny, wise, down to earth and most of all he is reasonable. He doesn’t bash Trump voters. He doesn’t turn his back on the political system. It’s not about Bernie Sanders, but about a better future. 

Key take aways/Quotes:

“I think we have the least qualified person to be president of the United States, perhaps in the history of the United States.”

“The way we defeat Trump is for all of us to get involved in the political process the way that we have never done in the modern history of this country.”

“Our job is to talk to people, people who voted for Trump. Respectfully! I do not believe that in Texas or anyplace else that most people who supported Trump are racists or sexists or xenophobes. I think they are people who are hurting, who want real change in the way our government works in terms of the needs of the middle class”

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