About Seats2meet


Seats2meet.com provides a virtual and physical platform with locations where people can connect, collaborate and grow. By doing so they can unleash their creative powers.

The need to connect

Nowadays, we rely on powerful and inspirational encounters to create value. Encounters that are not just limited to your friends or colleagues, but extend to everyone connected. Augment the reality of your physical location with a real-time and place-based virtual dashboard that shows everyone virtually “present” at any given time. We all want to collaborate. So we seek out places to make valuable connections: our offices, co-working places, cafes – even public buildings. But often, these are large, silent environments. We don’t know what goes on between the many walls of these buildings. Who are the people inside? How many are they? What is their knowledge and experience? How can I reach them to collaborate?

Creating serendipitous encounters

Facilitating and connecting these people is what drives Seats2meet.com (S2M). By doing so, we are creating a value network of independent professionals and organizations that we call “The Mesh”. Everything we do is aimed at creating serendipitous encounters, between people who don’t know each other but are relevant for their professional growth and opportunities. Seats2meet.com facilitates a dynamic environment where people can meet each other, share knowledge and collaborate. It is an environment where people can use their knowledge, expertise and enthusiasm to add value to a greater good. Inspire and be inspired!

We ask our users to identify their expertise. This allows us to match the total knowledge available in the network to those who are in need of this knowledge. This is how we bring the supply and demand of knowledge together. We aim to enhance the quality of transformational processes of professionals and organizations on their way to Society 3.0 (www.society30.com). By offering software to enable, stimulate and improve the quality of physical and virtual networks we help individuals and organizations grow!

Unlock the true potential of your location

Our programs assists professional location owners and organizations in the development of an augmented relevancy for their ‘stages’, making locations and organizations more attractive to collaborate with. It offers new network opportunities for employees, co-work location members, self employed professionals, event audiences and more.

It is time to use the abundance we see everywhere around us. The unexpected relevance when meeting other people at a location is our extreme, co-created added value: Serendipity. We facilitate an environment where people really experience serendipitous encounters. Where they can share knowledge, form new ways for collaboration and by doing that improve their (work) day!