3,5 month of holacracy brings great results!


You may have read about our brand new holacratic approach to organising at Meet Berlage. After 3 months of hard and inspiring (and difficult) work with our coach Koen Veltman, we’ve actually got some results to show you.

We did a before-after questionnaire. The results are stunning, with leading questions like:

“I feel personally involved with the cause of the organisation”,
“I love my work”
and “We have the right people in the right place”

But our organisation (like any) still needs work. We didn’t score great on typical Seats2meet.com pitfalls, these hectic environments don’t score great in general in:

“What we start, we finish”
“We are conscious of all our decisions won’t get caught up in the buzz”
and “We make very clear agreements on points of action and follow up”.

Next steps: get those three questions to the top of the chart! We are definitely growing up as an organisation:)