TIS Picks: 5 Top Energy Videos

5 Top Videos on Energy and Innovation
5 Top Videos on Energy and Innovation

Our Energy archive has grown to over 100+ videos. Quite cool to have a vast collection of world-wide (renewable) energy solutions, modern power plants and social energy innovation! There are many inventions that have amazed us, including many different-sized solar and wind generators. Here’s our top 5 pick from the best and most breathtaking videos on Energy.

1. Energy from the sea

Ocean swell (long continuous ocean waves) provides a sustainable solution to harvest energy. The hydro-electricity is generated by the so-called Ocean Wave Power Station, which is designed to withstand extreme storms. One power station can generate the equal amount of energy of 30 windmills, for half the price.

2. See-through solar stickers

They are flat, light, cheap and almost invisible: solar stickers. You can bring them everywhere and stick them on any surface, which makes charging phones and tablets much easier. Since the sticker is completely see-through, you can even administer them to windows.

3. Clean Energy Wiki

Based on your postal code, the Bleeve online platform will analyse available open source data on clean energy producers in the area and provide information about the energy potential of your home, giving suggestions on the best way to optimize your energy consumption.

4. Generating light from gravity?

Gravitylight Foundation is a UK-registered charity organisation with a mission to alleviate poverty and find innovative solutions for eliminating kerosene lamps. One of such solutions is the gravity-powered LED lamp. Its mechanism is built as a pulley system that slowly powers a generator as the weight falls to the ground. To give you an idea: 12 kilo weight generates about 30 minutes of light.

5. Artificial tornadoes

AVEtec has come up with a really cool way to generate energy: creating artificial tornadoes in an atmospheric vortex engine to capture mechanical energy.