The Meet Berlage story video, a great partnership with Red Wire Media


    Even after 7 years of working in several eco-systems, i’m constantly amazed by the rapid level of change and innovation we are able to sustain in these environments. The past 2 years have been all about Meet Berlage for me, our very own S2M location in the hart of Amsterdam, with an ecosystem that ranges from students to corporates. While they enjoy coworking, meeting, hosting events and keeping office with us, our story has changes constantly.

    Every day more and more people are helping us tell our Society3.0 story and adding to it, think of Ilkka Kakko with his vision on competence platforms, the things we learn from robotics hackathons, internet-of-things meetups, Holacratic organisations, crowdfunding meetups or just about anything else that you’ll find when living on the brink of innovation.

    The difficult part is to always find a way to explain what goes on in these places, what the unexplainable magic-factor is, and how to stimulate or recreate it. Together with Red Wire Media we’ve found a way to take a snapshot of this place, to hopefully inspire others to join in and build more and more competence platforms with us!