Someone invented a captcha that keeps humans out


Welcome to the newest useless invention on the internet. And although it’s there is not a clear use, it was rated the fourth best product on Product Hunt last Sunday. I am talking about Humans Not Invited; a captcha that instead of avoiding robots, avoids humans. How does it work? I have no idea, honestly. But I did try it, and it asked me to select all the images with art or cars followed by nine blurry photos. I couldn’t get it right.

The creator of the Captcha didn’t explain much about the reason why he created it, only that it is “the first iteration of a system that we’re working on.” An excellent way to make us curious! Is it a website only for robots? Or just for coders who can create a robot that can go through this Captcha? What are your theories?

You can try and test if you can pass as a robot here.