Locals welcome refugees


Around the world in your own backyard.
This sentence popped op in my mind some years ago. We have so many different cultures within our small flat country. So many possibilities to learn from each other. And to experience new country’s, languages and cultures (and just imagine all the great food!!!).

De Voorkamer is the newest S2M for Locals location and they are inspiring us! 

De Voorkamer project is based on equality and individuality. It creates a framework for the participants to work on an assignment that fits them, that is meaningful to them and stimulates independence and personal integration.

They open their doors to newcomers and help neighbours get to know them, which helps a lot with the integration process. They organise together all kinds of events that are really worth visiting! Like boardgames every wednesday night, what about playing “sjoelen” or a fun game of Jenga? Want to know more about them? Watch this video. 

Now they are also opening up their doors to invite you! You can book your seat right here.

We are in touch with more great initiatives like De Voorkamer. Plan Einstein in Overvecht is also a place to be for the neighbourhood and newcomers. Students, newcomers, entrepreneurs and neighbours everyone is welcome within Plan Einstein. Curious about their plans? Follow their activities here, or come in touch!

Also Taal Doet Meer helps to integrate refugees by helping with the language. They have all kinds of projects, like the language cafe, a walk through Utrecht where you are going in buddy’s to talk. Prepare yourself you will also dive in to different cultures, because Taal Doet Meer believes that everyone should understand how it feels to learn a new language. So if you join with one of their activities you will experience how it feels like to learn a new language. 

If you would like to promote those connections and initiatives you can e-mail Nynke! To know everything about it, like the S2M 4 locals facebook page and keep up to date!

After all, what a better way of connecting to someone than to sharing your living room, kitchen table or work office? We hope that you will work and meet soon at one of these locations. You can already book your place at De Voorkamer. Book here and meet different cultures, disciplines and talents just around the corner. 

More information about S2M for locals?