Join the Happy Startup School Summer Camp


On September 15th one of the top 10 business events in Europe starts in England. Entrepreneurs, innovators, and creatives will get together in the countryside of Sussex for a weekend. The reason? To celebrate the Happy Startup School. A community that reunites all sorts of entrepreneurs to create a more sustainable and of course, happy, business. To have a taste of it, Lenneke van Rossum, one of my colleagues at S2M International did a talk last year.

Here is her tip on the Summer camp.

“Don’t go if you do not feel like:
– meeting and connect with the most wonderful people
– receiving the best ideas for you as an entrepreneur
– having a great and inspiring time
… and especially not if you don’t want to grow as a person.”

lenneke van rossum

Another member of the S2M community that joined the last year was the owner of Fun Base, Kai Brouwer.

“Coming to summercamp felt like coming home”

kai browuer

The summercamp has several talks and interviews from the campers themselves. They come from all over the world and you can check the last year’s here and already get inspired! The idea came from the fact that although a lot of attention has been put on the new way we work, the way we gather it still the same. Lawrence, one of the initiators of the Happy Startup School, talks about it here.

If you think the summercamp is something for you, be fast! There are only 30 tickets left, and you can grab them here.