Expert Selection: Weaving Technology Into Fashion

Pauline van Dongen - Weaving Technology Into Fashion

Pauline van Dongen

Pauline van Dongen (Amsterdam, 1986) is a Dutch fashion designer specialized in wearable technology. As a creator interested in the notion of interactivity in fashion, she researches the human body in relation to its surroundings. To her, technology is not a mere tool, but rather one of aesthetics. There’s a strong focus on materiality in her work and the way it’s capable of enhancing expression and performance of the body. Working closely with varying entities from the field of science and innovation, studio Pauline van Dongen aims to merge fashion and technology while breathing life into scientific creations.

“An inspiring short documentary about the story behind the studio, in which I explain my vision on wearable technology and the effect technology has on the craft of garment design. It’s the fifth short documentary that was developed by Firestarters in collaboration with Discovery Channel. The clip zooms in on the integration of technology in the fashion industry and discusses the consequences that innovating processes have on craftsmanship and wearable garments.”

“This promotional video was shot for the Phototrope project that the studio collaborated on with Philips. Phototrope enhances our ability to respond to the change of light surrounding us at night time. The garment casts the body in a shimmering glow; its illuminating qualities contribute to the experience and awareness of the space around the body and enhances experience on a psychological and aesthetic level. This video made in collaboration with Hammond Images was made to capture the ability of the Phototrope in a few minutes.”

“This last video provides a clear and powerful overview on the collaboration between our studio and SKYN Condoms. Working with the SKYNFEEL material has been a way for both our studio and SKYN to explore the possibilities in future performance athletic apparel. What struck me about SKYNFEEL is that it’s super-elastic, super-lightweight and super-strong at the same time. No matter how you mold or share it, it’s going to feel great on your body. Experiments like this can point the way to the future. For me, SKYNFEEL apparel is about challenging the status quo, trying something totally new, daring to innovate, imagine and inspire. This video shows our vision by capturing the garment that represents it.”