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A short  beautiful film about the Adidas x Parley shoe which is made by recycled Gillnet which was picked out of the sea.

What is it?

Every year about 640.000 metric tons of fishing gear is left behind in the seas. Mostly made out of plastic this waste causes great damage to the water environment. Adidas formed a collaboration with Parley for the Oceans, an organization that wants to reduce plastic waste in the seas. Not only fishing gear, but all plastics. Together they made up a shoe from recycled plastic waste. The first prototype shoe was made from fishing gear that was picked up by Sea Shepherd.

Why is it interesting?

It’s good to see that big companies find it important to profile themselves as environmentally friendly. It’s even better when they really do something to help change. The Adidas Parley shoe wasn’t just made up for a show, it’s really for sale. The upper side of the shoe is made out of 95% plastics that have been fished up from the ocean. The remaining 5% consists of recycled polyester. Every shoe consists out of 11 plastic bottles. The end result is a super lightweight shoe which is popular amongst runners

Key take away/Quote:

Big companies take action for a sustainable future too.

Watch the video