Billionaires on Artificial Intelligence


What is it?

A 40 minute video compilation of Jack Ma (Alibaba),  Elon Musk (Tesla), Bill Gates (Microsoft) and Jeff Bezos (Amazon) talking about their concerns and hopes around Artificial Intelligence and machine learning.

Why is it interesting?

As we know, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is developing quickly and will have great implications on our lives. Four billionaires talk about how they see the future. Musk is by far the most concerned. He says we should work on pro-active regulation otherwise AI will be a fundamental existential risk to humanity. Ma, Gates and Bezos see the danger, but also see the chances. But it will mean big changes. In work, education, experiences, what we will do with our time and more.

Key take away?
Strong AI is inevitable
In general
• There is reason to be optimistic about the benefits that AI will bring to humanity
• It is essential to be wary about the negative impacts if AI is not controlled properly
• To adapt to new times education should change from memorisation based to skills and creativity based learning

Jack Ma (Alibaba): “The next 30 years are going to be painful.”

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