AI: What’s Working and What’s Not


Frank Chen, partner at the venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz, talks about AI

What is it?
Chen reacts on the fear with which AI is met by giving lots of examples where AI is is doing good. For example, AI is good at seeing what’s inside pictures, that helps us with our photo collections. AI is good at understanding language which allows us to translate articles. AI is good at making predictions which can improve business processes.
All of the big companies are adopting AI, so should the rest of the world, is his story. Follow in the footsteps of Airbnb which uses AI to predict how busy holiday periods are going to be and what prices homeowners can ask. Or look at soccer where the players are wearing sensors with which a coach can compare their actions with the actions of the best team in the word.

Why is it interesting?
In some circles, the negative sentiment around AI seems to be leading. Chen doesn’t agree with that. He makes a difference between narrow AI, general AI and super AI. So far the AI we know is narrow AI: aimed at a single purpose. General AI is comparable to human intelligence. Machines are nowhere near that phase yet. That’s why there is no reason to worry about AI in this stage, according to him.

Key take away?
AI will get into every piece of software. It can make humanity smarter and more effective. And as long as we talk about narrow AI (AI used for a single purpose) we have nothing to worry about.

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